Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing

The difference between Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing: As we know, marketing is an essential aspect of any business. Marketers spend lots of hours finding the right strategy for the company as there are two types: Digital marketing and Traditional marketing. Here we mainly focus on the differences between these two types of marketing.

Digital marketing:

It is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. We can get a global audience from any part of the world by sitting in your home or office. In digital marketing, we can get the target audience with the specific age group who are more likely to be interested in your business. We can measure everything in real-time; that is, we can calculate your website’s traffic, leads, engagement, time spent on the website, and sales. We can see instant results and immediate communication. We can tweak, pause, and stop the campaign any time from anywhere.

Traditional marketing:

It is a type of marketing which is offline, and companies used this type of marketing earlier, the marketing medium can be print media like magazines, newspaper, broadcast media like television, radio and direct mails like flyers, postcards, catalogs, others like telemarketing, door to door marketing and many more. You can do only local marketing; it is non-targeted marketing non-measurable. We get delayed results and delayed communication.

The significant difference is Cost. If you look at digital marketing is inexpensive and affordable to everyone, and traditional marketing is expensive and not cheap to everyone. 

The other difference is Retargeting; what does it mean is when somebody visits our website, we can keep showing them our ads again and again, and we can bring them back in digital marketing. Still, in traditional marketing, that’s not at all possible, we never come to know who saw a television ad, our flyers, catalogs, and we cannot go back and retarget the same person.

To understand the difference between Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, let us see an example:

On one bright and sunny morning, Krish and Arya decided to start a business; they both had great ideas, so they went their separate ways. Krish decided to start a brick-and-mortar store. He rented out a lovely building at an excellent location; he hired a couple of salespeople, printed brochures and flyers and direct mail pieces he advertised in the local newspapers. Within a few weeks, Krish started seeing sales and a lot of local customers, Krish was excited, but had a very high overhead and a very high profit margin, so decided to wait to see some growth. Arya, on the other hand, decided to start an online store to sell his products online; Arya got an excellent looking website with a nice little name, he hired a content writer, he invested in online marketing and, got some help with SEO and email marketing, he advertised on different websites and signed up for pay per click advertising. Within a few weeks, Arya started seeing sales and many customers from all over the country. Arya was excited since he had very low overhead and a very high profit margin and he could not wait to see some growth, a year passes by ,Krish was still in the same building with the same salespeople and the same marketing strategy and the same local customers and his overheads were still very high and his margins were still very low, so he decides to wait another year to see some growth ,Arya moved to a new office hired more people and kept getting a lot of new and repeated customers from all over the country, his overheads were still very low and his margins were still very high, so he decides to start another online store to sell a different line of products, another year passes by and on one fine day Krish and Arya meet again, Arya tells Krish about his new marketing strategy and Krish realizes his mistakes, traditional marketing can only get you so far, think local but act global, so this time Krish went back and fired his rusty salespeople and fired the old school ad agencies that did the brochures flyers and newspaper advertising for him ,he hired a good web company and outsource all his online marketing to them and within a few weeks Krish was again a happy man to see increased profits and lower overheads and needless to say, he was very thankful to Arya for pointing him in the right direction.

From the above example, we can clearly understand why digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing.

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